"I always imagined synagogues in past ages being places of passtionate and intense learning and debate throughout the lifecycle. At Shomrei Torah my wife Diana and I have found a synagogue that continues in this tradition which has stimulated our continued growth in Judaism." - Dr. Phillip Shore, STS Member


Adult ed_picAt Shomrei Torah Synagogue, your Adult Education is a journey. Your Rabbis, staff and lay leaders help you find your own, individualized spiritual curriculum. Opportunities for learning range from introductory to advanced and from traditional text study to contemporary learning through films, books, art and even cooking. We explore our individual and collective Jewish identities and think critically about our relationship with God, Torah and the Jewish people.





Learn at Shomrei Torah Synagogue 2018-2019

Judaism 101: The Six Pillars with Rabbi Richard Camras  - Tuesday Nights at 8 pm ( confirm class sessions www.stsonline.org/calendar )

This first month, we will be studying the first two Pillars - Da Lifnei Mi Atah Omed (Know Before Whom You Stand) and Lilmod u'Lelamed (Learning and Teaching.

Holy Habits: A Text Study Through Time with Rabbinic Intern Rachel Simmons - Tuesday Nights at 7 pm (confirm class sessions www.stsonline.org/calendar)
Discover the sources and history behind the Jewish practices we may take for granted. Why do we wear kippot? Why are tefillin made of black leather? Why do we often have different expectations of observance for men and women? Come learn about these topics and more.

Wise Aging with Valerie Edwards - Six Thursdays starting November 1st (confirm class sessions www.stsonline.org/calendar)
Explore how to live the later stage of your life fully, with joy, creativity, and awareness



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