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1aipacThe Israel Ambassadors Program allows incoming 11th and 12th graders who have travelled to Israel to come back to their community of Shomrei Torah Synagogue as ambassadors for the Jewish homeland.



Each of these teens is accepted into this program as a recognized leader for Israel.

Our IAP program has three foci.
1. Advocacy – the training of our students to respond to the challenges they will face talking about Israel to friends, teachers and other students on college campuses. We use AIPAC and Stand With Us materials to help prepare our students.
2. Zionism, Israel History, Israeli Politics – Giving our students a short survey of some of the key ideas around the formation of the State of Israel, the current political situations in Israel and a brief history of the Jewish relationship to the land and the State.
3. Political lobbying - Teach our students about the democratic process in America and the rights of citizens to lobby Congress around issues of personal and communal importance.

Program Outline:
• Students will begin in September with a kickoff event – either a Shabbat dinner or a mini-Shabbaton at Shomrei Torah Synagogue.
• Once a month meetings from October – June. Meetings will engage students around these various topics. Some will be taught by Rabbi Westle and others will offer exposure to guest speakers on these topics.
• Attend the AIPAC Policy Conference. We will be sending students who have maintained regular attendance (one excused absence) to the Policy Conference, which will include: Registration, Flights, and Hotels.

 As part of this program, the teen leaders travel to the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC to make their voices heard and to support the America-Israel relationship.  Upon their return from the AIPAC Policy Conference, each of these leaders work as interns with organizations supporting the State of Israel. Our internships have included Jerusalem Online University, StandWithUs, local Congressmen, and Jewish National Fund.







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